We have a new flavor, and it’s #unbelievablydelicous!

8 February 2017

Muscat, December 2016 – For the first time in PERi-PERi history, Nando’s added a new flavor to its menu of world-renowned sauces to excite the taste-buds of its loyal fans. True to its Afro Luso roots and style that have taken the world by storm, the new Mango & Lime sauce brings a new dimension of zest and taste to the South African chain’s  beloved flame-grilled recipes.

The Mango & Lime flavor was designed to celebrate the restaurant’s rich cultural heritage and satisfy the cravings of Nando’s fans all over the world. Filled with zest and creativity, the new sauce will sit between Lemon & Herb and Mild on the Nando’s PERi-ometer, which measures spiciness. Together, both are ranked after the ‘Plainish’ flavor, offering diners a hint of heat and tidal waves of taste that promise to become firm favorites with fans in the Sultanate.