Nando’s Oman second Chicken Wing Eating Competition ends on a perfect note

1 February 2016

Spicy food lovers were treated to a spectacle during the second Nando’s Oman Chicken Wings Eating Competition held at the Oman Avenues Mall on November 22, 2015. Over forty brave contestants took on the challenge of Nando’s sweltering Extra Hot Wings, which were specially seasoned with an extra layer of PERi-PERi to bring-on the heat, to claim the title of ‘King of PERi-PERi’ and earn the grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip to Atana Hotel Khasab.

This year’s Chicken Wings Eating Competition was bigger, better, and more searing than ever before. The wings were covered in two different tongue scorching spices, flame grilled to PERi-fection and specially prepared to be too hot to handle. This was by far Oman’s toughest eating challenge yet and fire eating fans can look forward to more in the future. During the contest, participants were split into five groups of seven and challenged to eat as many Extra Hot Chicken Wings as possible in just three minutes. The winners from each group then proceed to the final Extra Extra Hot round where they went head to head with a special blend of searing wings lathered in even more spice. 

The 2015 edition of the Nando’s Oman Chicken Wing Eating Competition judging panel consisted of Hani Mirza, Partner and Managing Director of Bin Mirza International, Fahmi Al Maawali, social media blogger and Rumaitha Al Busaidi, presenter and adventurer as well as Shaddad Al Musalmy from Muscat Daily and Chris Fisher from Merge 104.8. The event was held in association with Muscat Daily, Merge 104.8, and Fahad Express.

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